About Hermann Jacobi

International recognition
Since 2001 hermann jacobi has sold over 15000 pianos and grand pianos. The Swiss piano-master innovator Jean Claude Heafliger and his partners have achieved international recognition for this outstanding success.
What is it that makes Hermann Jacobi pianos and grand pianos such a unique product ?
In september 2014 the second generation Hermann Jacobi instruments will be available. 

What makes Hermann jacobi such a succes:

  • Swiss tradition since 1875
  • Swiss quality, know how and technology
  • Made under licence by Pianorama Switserland LTD
  • Swiss extra; 100 % made by professionals
  • Assembled with specially selected materials
  • Vacuum forged metal frame
  • Impregnated wrest plank
  • German or Japanese hammerheads
  • Professional action
  • Solid steel wrestpins
  • European, Italian soundboards
  • Constructed for ALL CLIMATES
  • European "timbre" (deep, warm but also sparkling)
  • Tuning stability
  • ISO-9001